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Sonali Gupta

Sonali is a clinical psychologist with 12 years of experience and she works with young adults, artists, children and parents to enhance their emotional well being. She has her own practice at Sushrut Hospital Chembur and Baby 360 Khar. She has worked as a Student Counsellor for 10 years with TISS. She uses Skype as a medium for counseling session. Her work extends across NGO’s corporates, colleges and schools where she focuses on preventive mental health advocacy.

Sonali was featured as an expert in The Tara Sharma Show on Star World thrice, and she continues to write features for The Swaddle about parenting and relationship issues. She also writes a weekly advice column for DNA focussing on parenting and teenager concerns.

She has written extensively on subjects like digital detox, managing anxiety and depression for adults, psychosomatic concerns, working with LGBT clients and personal counselling such as strengthening self esteem, inculcating self care. One of her passion is understanding how we can enhance self compassion and self care in women. She is currently working on her first book.