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Festivelle, created & owned by Shruti Seth & Gul Panag is the first ever crowd sourced 2- day cultural fest of women, for women, by women.
By gathering ideas we hope to get our attendees involved in building the festival right from the start. From inputs about what activities we should incorporate to which artists/speakers they would like to watch, to what their preferences are in terms of food, drink, shopping etc we aim to create an atmosphere that makes every attendee invested in the festival at some level.

At Festivelle we aim to focus on mainly female performers/speakers/experts. Also we hope to curate activities around women.

From music, comedy, seminars, talks, discussions, workshops, shopping, spa treatments to simply just spending time with your girlfriends, Festivelle will give women the opportunity to spend 2 days amidst revelry and celebration.

By seeking information from our participants Festivelle will finally give women what they want. Hopefully!

Over 2 days of Festivelle we aim to entertain, educate, empower and elevate all the women who will come & become a part of the Festivelle sisterhood.

Time to take a break with the girls.
See you there!