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Fatima Karan

Fatima Mahdi Karan is Consulting Editor at BTVI, a leading business channel that is now partnering with the world’s top news organization, Reuters. She has been a leading Anchor and Producer since 2005. She holds a Masters in Diplomacy, Law and Business as well as Honors degrees in Economics and International Relations from Boston University, Boston, MA. Fatima anchors “Lunch Money” as well as “Markets Rewind”, two of the channel’s flagship shows focussed on stock markets and the economy. Fatima has also pioneered “Women Mean Business”, a unique show that showcases leading female thought leaders from across the spectrum. Fatima regularly participates in high impact live panel discussions and has been instrumental in moderating dialogues with organizations as diverse as the World Bank to the Women in The World.

When not working, Fatima can usually be found snuggling her two young sons. She is also passionate about Indian Modern and Contemporary Art.