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Eefa Shrof

Eefa Shrof is an elite Fitness Lifestyle Coach & Consultant in Mumbai, India. She is also the proprietor at her company Supernova Fitness & Nutrition. Her brainchild, ‘The21’ – A 21 Day Fitness Challenge has taken Bombay by storm. Her prestigious client list includes movers and shakers of India such as, Hrithik Roshan, Ami Modi, Anupama & Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Abhay Deol, Anushka Sharma, Gayatri & Vikas Oberoi and Dipali Goenka.

Eefa discovered her passion for fitness through a road accident in 1996 that could have otherwise left her crippled and facially scarred. After being told by doctors at the tender age of 23 that she would be in a wheelchair by age thirty and she should learn to accept her facial scars as part of her personality, Eefa made her way back to a life by finding her inner champion through fitness. Thereafter she has dedicated herself 100% to what she strongly believes gave her a second chance at life…physical fitness that is the result of mental acuity and emotional balance.

Eefa conducts workshops and consults and trains one on one. She is focused on bringing her clients the international, gold standard techniques based in science and psychology. Her work, weather one-on-one or with groups, covers all areas of fitness: flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, body composition and sports psychology. The21 ends with a Firewalk, where the challengers walk across a bed of hot burning coals without getting burned to understand the power of their mind over their body.

Eefa’s philosophy illuminates through her strong belief that the body is gross mind and mind is subtle body. The mental and emotional balance that her clients achieve in the process of sculpting their bodies is what they value the most in training and with her. She is the winner of a national award and voted as ‘The Most Promising Yoga & Nutrition Expert of 2016’ by The Indian Leadership Conclave. She is also voted as one of India’s top young leaders by the Young Women’s Achiever’s Summit 2016. The highlight of her life was topping the U.S, at age 40, in Sports Nutrition with a 97.7% while studying with the International Sports Sciences Association.